Saarisilka, Finland March

This trip almost didn’t happen. I have to say when we heard that FinnAir was going on strike there was a real concern that we would lose our money on the resort we were staying at and be stuck in Helsinki, Finland the entire weekend. It was our 12 wedding anniversary so we spared no expense on this one. Although I can’t take any credit for it. My beautiful wife again did all the research and reserved all of the adventures. I have to say she really did an amazing job. By the time we left I was concerned that no other trip would live up to how great this one was and we might as well pack and head back to the States we had seen enough.  Continue reading

Calvia &Palma, Mallorca Spain February

This was our second trip to Spain in two months.. The requirement I gave to Alicia was we need some sun and fast. Despite how amazing Germany is, winter is a very dark and dreary place. I think we went an entire month without seeing the sun due to short days and overcast skies. So the plan was to go to a small island located in the middle of the Mediteranean Sea. Palma is the capital city of Mallorca (pronounce: Mie-Or-Kah) and we stayed at the Hotel Hospes Maricel & Spa which earned a WOW! It was definitely the off season because the place was really nice and super cheap. Alicia really outdid herself with this find. On peak season, this hotel costs three times as much but it was gorgeous. Out room had its own private pool and a distant view of the ocean.  The struggle was real. Within 5 minutes of entering the room I was on the back patio asleep in the chair soaking up the warmer climate.

Continue reading

Barcelona, Spain January

What a beautiful city! We really enjoyed our time here. We left on Thursday night and came back the following Sunday. The architecture was very different from Germany and the food was so amazing! We ate at a place called Brunch & Cake the first morning and it was one of the best meals ever! Everything was fresh and most dishes came with lots of fresh fruit. I could have eaten there everyday! If you get time, check out their website ( and Facebook page ( It showcases more of their food. I ordered the porridge, a vitamin juice, and a beet root laté. Just look at these photos? Continue reading

Iceland January

Wow! What a way to start out the new year. I took a trip to Iceland and met a friend of mine from Maryland there. Together we visited a few places and took some amazing photos. The weather here on the first day was great. No wind and about 32°F. As long as you had a nice jacket on it wasn’t bad at all. The first day was the only day we saw blue skies. Everyday after that it was extremely monochromatic and really made you miss the sun. It seams like every 5 minutes the weather changed. It would be windy, then blizzard like conditions, then perfect and still, then an icy rain that just bounced off the windshield. I didn’t even have to use my windshield wipers. Every piece just bounced off and only made a sound but no marks that obstructed my view. It looked like we were going through a time warp. Continue reading

First Blog Post


A new chapter in our book begins. Ahead lies a journey into the unknown. My current plan is to search for and document the most unique and beautiful perspectives in this unknown territory thus purposely finding the most beautiful and unique aspects of our lives.

Life; it’s a funny thing. It’s currently not exactly how I imagined it would be. What part you ask? Well, all of it really. The good and the bad parts are fulfilling and rewarding yet more complicated then I ever imagined. Looking ahead however, I realize there is so much more life still to live. How we decide each day to view it, change it, and live in it, is up to us. Whether this life we have left ends up being a few days, or many more years to come, somewhere along this next chapter of our lives I hope we find peace, love, happiness, and most importantly, ourselves.

Cheers to our next adventure.